Tudor Tuxedo


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This is an uncommon, circa 1958 TUDOR OYSTER PRINCE “TUXEDO” with a fine (original) “bulls-eye” “pie-pan” dial having a tropical brownish tone that has tanned from black. The radiating silver, ribbed edged dial leads your eye towards the glossy brown mid-section. The shimmering” like platinum” stainless steel case, (original) Rolex patent (cross) winding crown are as clean as can be-no major scratches or dings and measures 34.25mm. (1.34 inches). The caliber 390, TUDOR (by ROLEX) automatic winding movement was fully disassembled and meticulously cleaned-accurate. These movements were considered to be on par in quality with ROLEX at the time and were the best quality automatic winding movements ROLEX ever produced for their TUDOR line of watches. These watches look fabulous on the wrist! These are becoming VERY hard to find.

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