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Wittnauer Alarm Bezel Set 1960’s

$1495 USD

Thgis is a very uncommon WITTNAUER (by LONGINES)bezel set alarm watch from the 1960’s. The 36mm. 10k. gold filled three piece case is very cool. To set the alarm, turn the bezel counter-clockwise. The turning of the bezel actually winds the alarm as well. This alarm produces a unique “gong” sound as well! The textured dial with very unique stylized numerals is all original (including the hands) and is very cool. The unique 10WA manual winding movement was just cleaned and working perfectly. Only $1495.

Vulcain Cricket Alarm Steel

$995 USD

This is a 34mm. stainless steel Vulcain Cricket alarm watch having an original dial and handset. I really like the raised gold toned markers in Roman numerals. The manual winding movement was just cleaned and is accurate. When you wind clockwise, the movement is wound-counter clockwise, and the alarm is wound. This is a great example. These Vulcains are very collectable – have been given to US. Presidents From Hoover to Clinton. Just $995.

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