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Rolex Sky-Rocket Shock Proof

$1450 USD

This circa 1942 ROLEX Sky-Rocket shock proof is a famous Canadian military watch which ROLEX sold to soldiers at PX stores prior to their venture overseas. These watches sold for $32.75 originally when new. This original gold filled and signed “ROLEX” 29mm. case with original dust proof winding crown has never been re-plated or altered in any way. The caliber 59 movement is correctly signed “ROLEX” under the dial. This manual wind ROLEX movement has been cleaned and is keeping accurate time. This original two-tone dial features 1/5th second track, red, 24 hour outer register, Arabic radium numerals, red sweep seconds and blued steel pencil hands having original luminous. We love finding all original SkyRockets as most have been worn beyond recognition. These are small watches, so please understand this prior to purchasing. Just $1450.

Union Soleuere German Pilot’s Watch

$495 USD

This 38.5mm. GERMAN LUFTWAFFE WW2 Pilot’s watch was purchased from a gentleman who purchased it at an estate sale. The Lady at the estate sale said her grandfather took this watch off the wrist of a dead German pilot in WW2. True?? who knows. Either way, this is an all original WW2 Pilot’s watch which has wear on the case and some flaking on the original dial. The airplane looks very cool on the original glossy black dial marked “Union Soleuere”. The Arabic markers have the original lume. The hands were re-lumed many, may decades ago-perhaps during the war. The manual winding SWISS movement was cleaned and is keeping reasonable time. The turning bezel functions. On the wrist, this watch does look great! A steal at only $495.

Rolex WW2 Military 1942

$1295 USD

This is a 1942 ROLEX WW2. military vintage watch. These were small size (30mm.) watches sold to Canadian soldiers at PX stores prior to them going overseas. This watch has a nostalgic inscription on the case-back including the soldier’s military rank numbers. The correct and hard-to-find OYSTER PATENT winding crown is original. The movement is the correct caliber 59 manual winding, signed ROLEX under the dial. The movement was just cleaned and is accurate. The blued steel pencil hands are original. This dial looks so fine, I believe it may have been restored at some time-it’s just too perfect. This dial displays is the correct configuration…I may be wrong, it could be original but I doubt. This is a very well-preserved military ROLEX-Just $1295.

Civitas 1940’s Military Watch

$795 USD

In over 30 years of handling vintage watches, I’ve ever seen another of these! This is a vintage CIVITAS stainless steel watch in a very hefty and heavy stainless steel case measuring 38x40.5mm. and quite thick at almost 12mm. This chunky case is VERY uncommon. Notice the beveled edged sides. I am saying this is a military era watch due to the 15 jewel movement and ORIGINAL military style black dial with radium numerals, original pencil hands and sub-seconds. This watch is keeping accurate time. Notice the hefty screw-back case and flat removable bezel-very uncommon for the era. This watch must have been stored for decades, as the crystal has acquired a light yellow tint. The large sub-seconds register is easy to read. I would highly recommend this watch to add to your collection, as you may NEVER see another. Just $795.

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R.C.A.F. Pilot’s Vintage Watch

$995 USD

This is a 1942 WW2 Canadian military aviator’s RCAF watch in chrome plated case with stainless steel back measuring the usual (smaller sized) 31mm. These watches were acquired by the Canadian government, redialed (meaning this is an original government issue dial) and reissued in about 1965. This is an original and correct dial that was issued for the Royal Canadian Air Force. This watch was purchased from the family of the RCAF pilot who had owned it. We just had the original Waltham movement cleaned and is accurately keeping time. Notice the original R.C.A.F. military markings on the case rear. The blued steel pencil hands are original. These R.C.A.F. watches seem to be harder harder to find lately. We do believe these watches are entering collections and STAYING there. Just $995.

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