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  1. 6/6/17, 0136 hours: can you tell – that I’ve inherited my father’s beautiful Gruen Jump-Flight/Air-Flight watch; don’t care how many siblings I had to fight off for it, it so symbolized daddy to me. I believe it’s from the early 1960’s, but am over-eager to learn more about it. A true Renaissance man, he was my hero … but I lost him to a tragic and sudden accident when I was almost 13. Way too early, as I was only then beginning to discover how much like him I am. I loved the style with which he wore this; like most everything else he did, as a brilliant engineer he was a man way ahead of his time. Albeit not a pilot, he loved his yacht, fishing, and advanced electronics. I’ve been trying to date the watch itself; I wear it every day and it keeps flawless time. It’s been great to find your site; thank you, so much for allowing my entry.

  2. Love the website. Have become a vintage watch lover because of your site leading me to research the vintage watch market/history further. Now a regular visitor and hopefully will be able to visit your location soon….already feel like I’ve missed a few opportunities. Will keep coming back.

  3. Love your website, and your quality timepieces. Your passion and commitment to what you do, and what you provide for your customers, is second to none. Thank you.

  4. In Search of Meylan Co. New York chronograph cradle(holder) to display my J.W.Ellis Industries open-face chronograph. Any guidance, tips, or offers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  5. Really glad I was referred to you. My appreciation for vintage watches has grown so much since going through your website. Learned a lot.

    James D.

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