1942 Rectangular Rolex Tavannes


At one time, vintage watch collecting was all about design, it wasn’t always about Rolex. This 1942 Tavannes rectangular watch measuring 22.5x40mm was once a highly sought-after item. These large rectangular watches look absolutely amazing on the wrist and epitomize the idea of what a vintage watch is supposed to look like. There are a few attributes which make this watch special. Firstly, this case is made from all stainless steel, which was less common in the earlier days of watch production, as many were chrome-plated; due to the fact stainless steel was difficult and expensive to work with. Secondly, this dial and hands are all original, adding to the collectibility factor. The signed Tavannes manual winding movement was just cleaned and is accurately keeping time. Notice this movement is adjusted to three positions, further adding to its quality. This case has never been polished, making this vintage watch appealing to the purist collector.

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