1950s Tudor Oyster Princess


This is a very cool vintage Tudor Oyster Princess automatic winding ladies watch dating to the mid-1950s. This watch was produced and marketed by Rolex towards women in sports. During the 1950s, the Rolex Oyster case (such as this) were water resistant and were the best watch on the market for men and women who were active. The original dial has stylized numerals, Dauphine-style hands, and has taken on a very fine patina, further adding to the coolness. When viewed with the naked eye, this watch looks much better than my close-up brightly lit photos here. Reflections in the crystal are visible between 4:00 and 7:00. Those semi-circle lines are not on the dial. These were demure watches at only 21.5mm, however, have an easy-to-read dial. The Rolex Oyster case is gold-filled with steel back. We installed a newer (expensive) Rolex Oyster crown and tube. The butterfly automatic movement was the smallest made by Tudor/Rolex. This movement was just fully serviced and is keeping accurate time. This was the first ladies automatic model produced by Tudor.

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