1957 Omega Globemaster


The Omega Globemaster was the original name for the Constellation line of watches and was changed to Constellation later. There are fewer of these watches out there compared to the regular Seamaster or Constellation line. The original 33mm gold-filled Omega case with stainless steel screw back and original Omega winding crown is quite clean overall. There are some minor dings on the case but remember, this watch is from 1957. The original honeycomb dial with gold-toned markers and Dauphine-style hands is extremely clean for its age! The high-quality, 19-jewel, gilt, Omega automatic winding movement was just cleaned and is keeping accurate time. It is interesting that this watch has a 15.8 million serial number on the movement, dating the watch to 1957. It seems these watches were only produced for about a year or two, as we have only found them dating to 1957-1958. These Globemasters are becoming hard to find.

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