1973 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Gold-Filled Watch


This vintage, all-original and correct ref. 1550 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date is all heavy 14k gold fill and is without wear. This Rolex watch dates to 1973 and pre-dates the ref. 15505, which appeared later. It is uncommon to find these watches in such clean condition, as normally they are worn and beaten. This 14k gold-filled case and original riveted bracelet are all very fine and with the naked eye, do not show any wear. The entire bracelet and watch are 14k gold-filled at the Rolex factory (the case back is stainless steel). Keep in mind that the gold-filling process is more durable and will last longer than gold plating. The automatic winding movement was just cleaned and is accurate. The original gold dial and matching handset are pristine. This is an inexpensive way to purchase a Rolex that truly looks like solid gold! These are uncommon watches and usually we find they get snapped up by collectors fast.

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