Blancpain Aqua Lung no radiations dial


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Here is a VERY RARE, vintage, 37.5mm. stainless steel 1960’s BLANCPAIN AQUA LUNG! This watch is completely ORIGINAL! The Aqua Lung was one of the first recognized diving watches, made famous by Jacques Cousteau in 1956 while filming the movie “The silent world”. Prior to that, in 1952 was chosen as THE FIRST commercial diving watch by many countries including the the USA (Navy SEALS), France (Les Nageurs de Combat), Germany (Bundesmarine) and Israel to name a few. This is a later (but still early) variation of the 50 fathoms watch and has become the most sought after due to the “no radiations” symbol in bright yellow and red on the dial. Due to its’ desirability, this version has also suffered the unfortunate fate of being “faked” out of Asia. This is an absolutely original BLANCPAIN AQUA LUNG that came for Australia…completely original signed case, movement and fabulous dial. It is not without flaws; but the flaws are desired by serious collectors, further enhancing its’ originality. The original glossy black dial is fantastic… only a circular stain visible on a high angle between the date aperture and the middle of the dial…barely noticeable, along with patina in the numerals, There is some crazing in the original acrylic crystal and general (desired) patina inherent, along with a tiny ding the”35″ mark on the bezel…again, not detracting at all! The original and automatic BLANPAIN movement was recently cleaned and is keeping accurate time. Notice, this BLANCPAIN retains its’ original movement dust cover. There are “perfect looking” versions of this watch on the net..some listed with reputable dealers…most are FAKES (unbeknownst to the dealers.)..if it’s too perfect… it’s not correct!