Breitling Navitimer 0816



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This is a RARE, and HUGE vintage, circa 1967 BREITLING NAVITIMER stainless steel measuring a whopping 49mm. across…THE LARGEST VINTAGE BREITLING SIZE ever produced! This case is in excellent (unpolished) condition with all the wording crystal clear on the rear. Usually these caseback are worn bare. The original BREITLING logo winding crown is present. The manual winding venus 178 movement is considered the best made by BREITLING… this one fully cleaned, serviced with all functions operating flawlessly. There is an automatic winding version with the date at 6:00. The automatics are more common and not as desirable, due to the look of the 2 register dial with date. This three register manual version simply is much prettier. In case you are wondering, the capped hole on the left side of the case is from the factory. Breitling also used these cases on the left crowned automatics, and plugged the hole for these manual winds. The original dial; having gilt print and luminous markers is all original and very fine, as is the inside turning sliderule and outer bezel. We would say this is the CLEANEST original dial we have EVER seen on this rare watch. The hands on this watch are also original and pristine; bursting with vibrant neon. The original bezel has minimal wear for its’ age. Most of these bezels have worn down to steel or been improperly re-painted. These massive BREITLING watches are highly sought after…valuable and ever-increasing in price due to their rarity and fabulous “wrist presence”.