Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph original, vintage



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This is A Rare Breitling you may NOT see again, unless you visit the BREITLING MUSEUM in Switzerland, where you can see this watch, along with the the other RAREST of all BREITLINGS in BREITLINGS’ permanent vintage collection. This SUPER-OCEAN chronograph exhibits basically new old stock condition. Sure, there are the smallest hairlines from handling-yes, there is some oxidization in the luminous in chronograph. aperture indicator, but nothing at all you would complain about. The HUGE 42.5mm. stainless steel case retains the original factory finish and sharp angles on the lugs. The original bezel on this watch is also as clean as you will EVER find-no fading, tiny scratch below 4:00. All the hands and luminous is original and still glows under strong lighting. The caliber 188 by VENUS manual winding movement is cleaned and accurate, with chrono functions working perfectly. When you depress the top chrono button, the large chrono hand measures minutes and the aperture opens to show “luminous” . This easy-to-read timing feature is great for the barbecue or parking meter! When you reset the chrono, the aperture changes to black. On the wrist, this watch is about as striking as you will see…jet-black against the white inner bezel-simple and clean. Near perfection in purity and design.