Cyma Tavannes Broad Arrow Military


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Here is a Broad Arrow (British Military) CYMA TAVANNES military watches in one of the largest (original) stainless steel cases you will find, measuring a whopping 38.5mm! The case is resembles a “refined solid, steel block”… 12.5mm. thick… double bezel that is stepped…(both bezels wide), with steel screw back having marking of “5” on the rear. These watches are the favourites of watchmakers: they speak of their very fine movements; not unlike the quality of OMEGA of same era…very robust and reliable….a true military “beast” of a watch that could handle most situations during battle. The dial; (unlike most we find) is all ORIGINAL, glossy black, CYMA, in gold gilt and TAVANNES in silver print with gold, reflective, Arabic, bold numerals and substantial sub-seconds register, all in near new condition! The original radium is still intact on the pencil hands and markers.