Ekegren Watch Owned by Famous Artist


This is very uncommon and important watch. This Ekegren 18k. solid yellow and rose gold (side) watch measures 24x38mm. and is quite reminiscent to a Patek Philippe of the same era. This dial was very dirty-beyond being readable, and a dealer friend (owner) had it cleaned. The inlaid wording and seconds outer register stayed in place and appears to be fired inlaid enamel. Why is the script crooked?…we don’t know. The Breguet numerals are original to the dial. The hands were installed on the watch as found-likely correct, but no benchmark to compare, as this is a rare beast. The movement is quite fine, 19 jewels and adjusted to 8 positions-cleaned and accurate. This watch was gifted to Walter Stuempfig who lived in Ocean City New Jersey and was a major American Artist who was quite prolific. You will really love the look of this watch on the wrist. This is a very fine and truly RARE watch and is enhanced with Provenance. Ekegren watches are VERY uncommon to find in a wristwatch design. I highly recommend this piece.