Enicar Sherpa Jet




This is a vintage 1960’s ENICAR SHERPA JET uncommon vintage watch. This hefty 36.5mm. stainless steel case with screw back and ENICAR signed case is quite chunky (10mm.) thick not including the crystal. The original twin (ENICAR) signed crowns; one to set the watch and the top to rotate the white inner bezel which allows timekeeping in two time zones. The black glossy ORIGINAL dial is absolutely clean and features roulette (alternating red to black) date. The automatic winding ENICAR movement is keeping time quite well. The original steel ENICAR bracelet is also included. Enicar was made made famous during Mount Everest expeditions in the 1950’s, when they were the chosen watch by mountain climbers-hence the name “SHERPA”. Only $2950.

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