Eternamatic watch


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Look at the clean and sleek lines exuding from this rare and MASSIVE 1960’s ETERNA-MATIC vintage automatic winding watch! The GIGANTIC 30x42mm. stainless steel flared case, with stainless steel screw back and original logo winding crown is glistening and really provides much “wrist coverage”. Notice the four individual screws that retain this case back. The silver dial was expertly restored to its’ original splendour, whilst retaining the raised markers and matching Dauphine hands. The very high quality ETERNAMATIC (automatic winding) rotor movement is sparkling; recently cleaned and overhauled and is keeping very accurate time. These ETERNAS are renowned as a very high quality watch and are sought after by collectors worldwide. Birks jewelry store here in Canada retailed ETERNA watches for decades. Eterna watch Co. was founded in 1856 and is presently owned by the famed PORSCHE family. To find an ETERNA-MATIC as large and imposing as this example is truly rare.