Glycine Airman


The Glycine Airman vintage military watch was used in Vietnam as it was popular amongst military servicemen and pilots everywhere. From the 1950s to the 1970s, pilots have relied on them due to their bold and easy-to-read 24-hour dial. These dials display both 24-hour time and conventional time simultaneously! This example is spectacular overall being all original, including the black dial with military hands in pristine condition, along with the rarer screw-back 1960s case. The lower crown locks the rotating bezel. The entire case is in very fine condition with no major dings or scratches. The automatic winding, signed A.S. 1700/01 24-hour movement was cleaned and is keeping time very well! These watches are very hard to find, quite collectable, and uncommon in original condition. Many are not aware that Glycine Airman watches have a hacking-seconds feature. When the crown is pulled out, a hollow tube shoots up a microscopic wire at 12:00, stopping the second hand when it reaches 12:00! This hacking-seconds feature is working perfectly!

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