Gruen Doctors’ watch


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Here is a 1930’s Gruen “Techi-Quadron” watch that closely “mirrors” the ROLEX PRINCE. In fact, the movements produced by “AEGLER”also manufactured the same movements for ROLEX in the 1930’s. This dial is also completely original on this fine watch and retains the original blued steel hands. This dial is more uncommon than most we have seen; having reflective outer track, enamel filled Arabic numerals and is all original and un-touched! These (and the ROLEX PRINCE) are known as the “Doctors’ watch” due to the large sub-seconds register for timing pulsations. This 41×21.5mm. gold filled case is a perfect as you will ever find… no wear… perfectly restored to perfection! If you are seeking a rare Doctors’ watch in very fine condition and a at a great price…. this is the one.