Hamilton Accumatic A-504


This is a vintage 1965 (extremely rare) vintage HAMILTON known as the ACCUMATIC. While the watch looks pretty much exactly like a Hamilton Electric Regulus it isbnot. In 1965 Hamilton offered a watch known as the Accumatic A-504. It is quite a bit rarer than its electric cousin, having been made only in 1965 and essentially made from unsold Regulus cases. As there were only 2400 Regulus’ made, we can only speculate how many of the A-504’s were made: probably just a fraction of that amount. While we have had a number of Regulus’over the years, this is only the second Accumatic A-504 that we have seen. Our Rolex trained watchmaker has just cleaned and adjusted the Hamilton caliber 689 automatic winding (not electric) movement and the watch is keeping good vintage time. The dial is still original, and only exhibits a little patina of age. If you are seeking a very RARE HAMILTON-you just found it.