Mars Automatic Wig-Wag


Here is a 1930’s, 25×41.5mm, very uncommon and important (Historically) automatic winding MARS WIG-WAG. Automatic wristwatches were introduced in 1929 by Harwood. Many of the mechanisms from the early 1930s, such as those produced by Rolls, Wig-Wag, Autowrist and Wyler were amongst the first in the step towards the “ideal” automatic winding movement. The first automatic watches had their limitations; but the Wig-Wag seemed to work smoothly and functioned somewhat reliably over the years. This watch retains its’ original dial; with raised gold coloured markers and matching hands. The mars movement slides on rails up and down and is functioning perfectly. The top of the case opens, to reveal the crown allowing for the time setting. The nickel case was restored to perfection! The Wig-Wag is a larger than average rectangular watch; so, it looks imposing and attractive on the wrist! $3195

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