Omega early and exotic 1930’s


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This vintage, rare and early OMEGA dates to about 1936 with its’ 8 million serial # stamped on the original barrel shaped (just cleaned and overhauled) 15 jewel movement. We have never encountered such an exotic an interesting early OMEGA! The 20.5x41mm. gold filled case with stainless steel back is elongated and fabulous; having ribbed bezel and “pincer” style lugs with stainless steel curved back! OMEGA and ROLEX often had their cases produced in Canada or USA in the 30’s and 40’s to circumvent import duty charges.worn; evident, due to the fact there are no dings or wear in the ribbed pattern! We see the ROLEX standard (as an example) utilizing North American case manufacturers during the same era. This “Sutton” made case (for OMEGA) is absolutely correct and original. We expensively re-plated the case to its’ original splendour. Luckily, this watch was rarely This dial is completely original and untouched; having raised gold markers and original “modern” style hands with sub-seconds register. The dial has evenly mellowed to a warm caramel tone and is truly lovely! If you are seeking an OMEGA that can only escalate in value… you just found it!