Omega Seamaster 300 from 1966


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This is an all correct OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 dive watch dating to 1966 with a 23 million serial number.  The bezel is original, with crazing. It is very uncommon to find origin al bezels on these watches these days-most have been replaced with new versions. The original dial has the correct and uncommon straight hands that belong on this earlier version SEAMASTER 300.  I would consider this original dial to be rated “excellent. “  The 42mm. 166.024 64 stainless steel case displays fine condition (without any major dings or scratches).The caliber 552 automatic movement was just cleaned and is accurately keeping time.  This watch has military provenance…and I quote the person I purchased it from in the U.K. “My stepfather (HMK BROWN) joined the RAF shortly after World War 2 and initially flew Wellingtons and Lancasters, serving in the U.K. and overseas for the next 20 years. He was one of the very few (<5%) of pilots rated “exceptional” (the highest classification, and several levels higher advanced than instructor) and flew the most technically demanding of all flight disciplines photoreconnaissaince.  Able to fly to within .5deg. by compass alone, in the days long before GPS, he was flying sorties in the Mediterranean and Middle East in Canberras out of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus when he bought his Seamaster 300.  It was his daily wearer for the rest of his life. I’ll be happy to think it’ll be going to someone who will will appreciate it as much as much as Hugh did.”