Omega Globemaster all original



Down here, at the bottom of our OMEGA section… we always try to offer something uncommon and hard to find! This OMEGA GLOBEMASTER fits the bill! The “GLOBEMASTER” name was used for a very short time by OMEGA and was pulled due to the fact it infringed on another companies’ trademark. There are few of these watches out there! The gold filled case… original “star” contract case with steel screw back is completely correct…glistening…no wear… original OMEGA winding crown. These cases were used on the OMEGA CENTURY (below) as well. The ORIGINAL gold dial with gold markers and radium, modern style hands is a prime example…not a mark on it! The high quality, caliber 501 gilt OMEGA movement was just cleaned… very fine, having swans’ neck micro-regulation. A very uncommon OMEGA GLOBEMASTER for only $995!

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