Oyster Explorer Boy’s size


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This 29mm.OYSTER EXPLORER (by ROLEX) is the FIRST EXPLORER EVER produced by ROLEX! Despite what you read anywhere on the net, this boy’s size EXPLORER was the FIRST EXPLORER EVER to appear and dates to 1940. ONly manufactured for the Canadian market; this watch is extremely rare and only the second we have owned in 25 years collecting ROLEX watches. The stainless steel ref. 3121 case has a gold bezel. The original gold OYSTER PATENT winding crown is in fine shape. The dial and hands are entirely original to the watch, with gold, reflective outer minute track and sub-seconds. These watches were marketed IN CANADA only (as were the first dress Explorers in 1953). The OYSTER series watches such as the Raleigh, Lipton, Junior sport, Dudley, Commander, Centregraph etc. were market in the Canadian PX stores to soldiers going overseas in WW2. We purchased this watch from the owner’s wife in New Brunswick Canada-never polished or altered and in its original state. The correct caliber 59 movement is signed ROLEX under the dial. You will need this to complete any EXPLORER collection. You may not see one again. Despite this watch’s small stature, its historical importance should not be overlooked.