Luminor Arktos Pam 92G Panerai


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This is a rare and highly collectible Panerai Luminor Arktos Pam 92G. This watch became available in 2004, in a limited edition of 500 watches, to mark the end of the successful adventure of Mike Horn, who was given the nickname “the man who walks” by the Canadian civilization of the Inuvialuit, which inhabits the region of the Polar Arctic Circle. This watch is designed to benefit the wearer by finding north using the simple method of pointing the hour hand to the sun and aligning the bezel to “north” by positioning the bezel in the middle of 12:00 and the position of the hour hand. In other words, at 10:00 north would point to 5:00. The case is manufactured from a special soft iron internal protection which protects the automatic winding Panerai OP III calibre (with 42 hour power reserve) from the effect of high magnetic fields as found at the North Pole. The sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating is 4.2mm. thick! The Luminor Arktos actually remained on Mike Horn’s wrist for over two years, facing a gripping -94° F. This rare PANERAI watch comes complete with the original boxes and all papers. > ]]>