Patek Philippe 3770 Quartz


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This rare and very rarely seen ref. 3770 PATEK PHILIPPE NAUTILUS measuring a large 35.4x41mm. is a very rare watch to find! The stainless steel and 18k. gold case with full length (original) PATEK PHILIPPE bracelet displays close to “new” condition despite its 1982 manufacture. The case is thin and sleek at only 6.5mm. The crystal-sapphire. The original two-tone dial is is a rare DOUBLE NAME “GUBELIN”. The movement is the highly accurate and fine battery operated QUARTZ, by PATEK PHILIPPE which provides very reliable and accurate timekeeping It is nice to have a quartz watch in your collection-one to set all your mechanical watches. I wear a ROLEX OYSTERQUARTZ regularly. This watch is enhances with “extract from the archives” papers direct from Patek Philippe confirming the date of manufacture to be 1982 and the sale date of February 22nd. 1983. This fine PATEK PHILIPPE is the finest quartz watch produced and is stunning on the wrist! Bankwire please.