Patek Rolex Ladies White Gold



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This ia a ROLEX ladies watch in solid 18k white gold dating to the 1940’s. A jeweller named “Patek” on the praries in Canada, inscribed his name on the movements of these watches and we occassionaly discover them. The Patek name on these dials has nothing to do with “Patek Philppe”. The movement is a ROLEX and is signed correctly under the dial. The dial has been restored. The 18k white gold case is original and correct and measures 16.5 x 31.5mm. This is a contract case produced by A.W.C. company in 14k solid white gold and retains the original and rare ROLEX Patent winding crown. ROLEX used these companies to avoid duty charges instead of importing their own cases. This ROLEX movement has been cleaned by our experienced ROLEX watchmakers and is in great running order.