R.C.A.F. Pilot’s Vintage Watch


This is a 1942 WW2 Canadian military aviator’s RCAF watch in chrome plated case with stainless steel back measuring the usual (smaller sized) 31mm. These watches were acquired by the Canadian government, redialed (meaning this is an original government issue dial) and reissued in about 1965. This is an original and correct dial that was issued for the Royal Canadian Air Force. This watch was purchased from the family of the RCAF pilot who had owned it. We just had the original Waltham movement cleaned and is accurately keeping time. Notice the original R.C.A.F. military markings on the case rear. The blued steel pencil hands are original. These R.C.A.F. watches seem to be harder harder to find lately. We do believe these watches are entering collections and STAYING there. Just $995.

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