Rolex Air-King Date Two-Tone


We bought this watch from the original owner who barely wore it. This is an uncommon Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King Date ref. 5701 two-tone vintage watch dating to 1972. The 34mm. stainless steel and 14k. gold bezel and crown case looks fabulous. The overall condition of this fine ROLEX is absolutely amazing! The owner said his grandfather barely wore this watch and was mainly seen wearing it only Sundays. The original silver dial and handset is almost pristine. All the luminous plots are in place and they even glow. This automatic cal. 1520 ROLEX movement was cleaned and accurate. This is an uncommon variety of AIR KING that was sold mainly in Canada and Commonwealth countries only. The date is the feature making his ROLEX uncommon, as the regular AIR KINGS do not have the date. You will not find a cleaner example.

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