Rolex Gmt Master 1675 Gilt Dial


This Rolex GMT Master gilt dial was owned previously by a crop duster pilot>>see here Roger Hitchon. He purchased this watch new in 1966. The gentleman who sold it received the watch upon the pilot’s death, as he was his best friend. This watch was in a plane crash. The pilot lived through this crash and carried on through his life with wearing this watch lovingly. The gilt dial is mesmerizing to gaze upon-stardust droplets juxtaposed to the midnight deep black. The original luminous is deep vanilla and all matching. I would presume the 24 hour hand was replaced at some time, as it is not the small version-still perfectly matching. The case may or may not have been polished, as this watch was worn daily for over 50 years. The fucsia and blue original bezel is beautiful and valuable. The automatic Rolex movement sparkles and is accurate. What else can I say? The pictures speak volumes.

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