Rolex Meritus ref. 6594


This 1956 Rolex Oyster Meritus 34mm. (43.2mm. lug to lug) with gold plated case reference 6594 and is VERY clean after a profession gold re-plate, fully restoring the case to original splendour. The original Rolex automatic butterfly style caliber 1030 (adjusted to five positions) movement is keeping accurate time after a recent cleaning. The original 6594 reference case back is stainless steel. The ROLEX OYSTER winding crown screws down like silk. Notice the original Dauphine hands and correct sweep seconds. The dial has the desired raised honeycomb pattern and raised gold Exporer configuration. This is the original ROLEX dial and the PRINT HAS BEEN RESTORED faithfully as to the font style of the original print. The ROLEX OYSTER MERITUS is a variety made ONLY for the Canadian market and is EXTREMELY uncommon. These watches were produced along side of the ROLEX EXPLORER dress watches at the time ROLEX was experimenting with designs in the 50’s. We think they watches were ONLY produced for ONE YEAR, based on the fact that 1956 is the ONLY year we have found this paricular reference. The first 3 serial numbers (253) are visible…often they wore away from bracelets. We are just not finding these MERITUS watches AT ALL as of late. These watches appear larger than the average 34mm. on the wrist, due to their extended lugs. This is a great looking watch on the wrist utilizing the same movement as the VERY VALUABLE ROLEX SUBMARINER from the same era. For the Rolex collector-get one while you can.