Rolex Precision 4357 Oversized


This 1951 ROLEX Precision ref. 4357 is truly a very uncommon watch. This stainless steel case is OVERSIZED at 35mm. It is EXTREMELY uncommon to find a Precision of this size…and larger and you are entering the $10,000+ range. These watches appear large on the wrist due to the all dial appearance and very narrow bezel. Further adding to the allure of this watch, is the fact it is all original, including the dial, hands and dimple ROLEX crown. The beautifully patina’d dial with raised steel markers and large sub-second is amazing to look at. The ageing on the outer edge is not nearly as visible with the naked eye and is amplified by my close-up photos and lighting. The pitched Dauphine hands add to the appeal. We did not polish this case-if you choose and marks can easily be removed with a quick polish if you should desire. We prefer the honest marks that remain. The serial number and ROLEX coronet has NOT worn away and is visible on the case-back. The caliber 700 manual winding ROLEX movement is accurate after a recent cleaning. You will love the look of this fine vintage ROLEX watch on the wrist.