Rolex Solar Aqua Watch


This 30mm stainless steel Solar Aqua with a Rolex case came from the family of the original owner. These watches were sold to soldiers going overseas to fight in WW2 at PX stores in Canada. The Solar brand was mainly marketed by Eaton’s department store right into the 1950s. The watch housed the Rolex-made caliber 59 manual winding movement, which was always signed Rolex under the dial (as this one is). The cases were made by Oyster watch company. The screw-down crowns were produced by Rolex – this crown is correct as well. There is some pitting on the case back knurling, but this was common on these 78-year-old watches. The case still opens easily with the Rolex wrench. The dial is all original, as are the blued steel pencil hands. Notice the red 24-hour military scale and large radium Arabic numerals. The cases on these watches were small in stature, but I wear military Oysters often, as they really attract eyes to the wrist and the dials are often very interesting.

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