Rolex Submariner Pointed crown Gilt dial 1962


click pic above for detail.


This is an original 1962 ROLEX 5512 pointed crown guard Submariner with clear serial number 754xx and reference 5512 between the lugs. On the wrist, the ALL ORIGINAL deep black, gilt, (rare) two line exclamation dial looks fabulous. Only close and on an angle do you notice where the hand once touched the dial. All the lume is original on this watch, and in some areas it is lighter than others.  The hands are also completely original, as is the lume within. Photographing and capturing the essence of glossy dials is difficult.  I have shown you all the details here that the camera captures (and your eyes do not). When looking with the naked eye, this dial truly looks deep, dark crisp and fabulous!  The superdome crystal is still present. The 39mm. case has defined and pointed crown guards, no major dings or scratches. The bezel is a later verion, retaining the original luminous dot.

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