Rolex 18k. 1675 no crown guard GMT MASTER


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This is a “pinnacle” investment grade vintage 1965 ROLEX ref. 1675 transitional, no crown guard solid, 18k. gold GMT MASTER with original nipple dial. This particular and very rare ROLEX is a transitional model produced in 1965 and has a 1360xxxserial number that is perfectly legible. The watch was recently overhauled by ROLEX JAPAN in 2006.The very rare and original Dauphine hands remain on this watch, along with the small 24 hour hand and original nipple style dial. If you do your research on this watch, we find examples displaying the later and changed Mercedes style hands on other examples. The case, dial, original cross style gold winding crown and original bezel are near pristine on this spectacular example. A new ROLEX leather strap and 18k. gold buckle are installed.

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