Rolex GMT MASTER 16760



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This is a rare (first version) 1984 ROLEX GMT 1670 in all original condition. This watch is known as the “Sophia Loren” or “fat lady” due to its’ very thick case, which is similar to the sea-dweller in stature. The new caliber 3085 needed to be housed in a thicker case prior to later modifications. This watch allows the hour hand to set independently. This watch is EXTREMELY rare; being the FIRST version of the 16760; which was only produced for about one year with the wording “ROLEX OYSTER PERPETUAL”, omitting the word “DATE” as appears on the later version. The 16760 was only manufactured four years in total; making it the most uncommon of all the modern sapphire watches. The original glossy dial has never been changed on this watch. This watch has some very minor marks only seen on an angle where the hour hand touched the dial at one time. It is still spectacular in appearance. Most of these dials were defective and also suffered severe crazing or “tropical aging” spurring ROLEX to replace them with different luminova dials. The only bezel manufactured for these watches; (red and black) is also ORIGINAL and again, rare to find. Most have been replaced with newer version GMT red and black, that have a different font altogether. This case is excellent…unpolished and retaining the original bracelet, in great overall shape. The original inner and outer box and 1984 (rare) 1670 booklet are also included; making this a valuable “investment grade” ROLEX. You will truly enjoy the commanding “wrist presence” this watch exudes!

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