Rolex Submariner 5513


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Here is one of the “hottest watches” collectors are seeking. This is a 1970 ROLEX SUBMARINER reference 5513 in an unpolished and fine case having the beveling in the lugs still clearly visible. Add to this; the original dial has its original lume and matching original hands. The bezel is original with fat font and rare original matching vanilla lume bezel dot. The automatic ROLEX movement was cleaned about 4 years ago and keeps time. You may want to clean it in a year or 2. This was a watch I chose to wear-I love its originality and vanilla lume. If you understand subs and want a prime, unmolested example, you won’t hesitate buying this watch quickly. Most subs are Frenkensteins. Not this one. This is what all sub collectors are seeking.

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