Rolex Submariner 6538 James Bond


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This is the THE JAMES BOND ROLEX SUBMARINER. The reference 6538 BIG crown ALL ORIGINAL from 1958. The unpolished and original case measures 37.5mm. and retains the correct 6538 bezel and insert. The handset is completely original to the watch. This watch was purchased from the original owner in NOVA SCOTIA Canada. As you can see from the inscription on the rear, this watch has military provenance; with the owner a (Lieutenant), affiliated with H.M.C.S. STADCONA, a Canadian forces naval engineering school in Halifax Nova Scotia. He purchased this watch in EUROPE in 1958 and was the sole owner. Interestingly, we find some 6538 submariners purchased in EUROPE have reference 5510 dials and the correct, corresponding caliber (5510) 1530 movement. Some have debated this movement/watch combination for the 6538. Rolex often parts they had in stock often in the early years, using up old stock in newer models or when servicing watches. We know for certain this an original owner watch and NOT “put together” so, one must decide. The suntanned, lustrous brown dial is superb-evenly aged right through and is without ANY spotting.