Rolex Submariner 5513 MILSUB


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This is an EXTREMELY RARE and desirable 1973 ROLEX 5513 MILSUB having the original “T” dial with matching ORIGINAL hands all in amzingly aged vanilla tone. The stainless steel case is all ORIGINAL with correct British military markings and case back serial numbers inside. The serial number indicates a date of 1973. This watch was purchased from an elderly Canadian U.N. soldier who served in BRITAIN in the mid 1980’s. He purchased this watch for $350 in the mid-80’s from the original BRITISH owner. The NATO strap is now installed over top of the fixed lugs, and we removed the steel bracelet to bring it back to a more correct configuration. As MILSUB collectors know, these watches came in many variations, some with sword hands and others with Mercedes. We are most certain based on the seller, this configuration is completely original and correct to this fine and rare MILSUB.