Rolex Wellington



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This vintage ROLEX WELLINGTON is one of the most uncommon of ALL the vintage Canadian ROLEX military watches that were marketed to soldiers going overseas in WW2 and sold in the PX stores in Canada. This ROLEX WELLINGTON watch was also one of the more expensive models sold; with the Skyrocket and Victory being $32.50-these watches were $52.50, so many fewer were sold. The metal case on these watches were also larger, measuring 31×38.8 and have an all dial appearance, making them look larger on the wrist Any wear on this case is barely visible and only appears more in my close-up photos. In person, this watch looks fabulous! These Military ROLEX dials are amongst the best looking as well, with interesting minute scale and 1/5th. second scale, along with red 24 hours and two-tone mid-section. The original blued steel hands are original, as is the red sweep seconds. The original and signed ROLEX movement is also of a higher quality of most of the Canadian military Rolex watches. I highly recommend this watch.

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