Sinn Diapal 757 GMT chronograph


This GERMAN made SINN 2008 Diapal 757 chronograph displays extremely clean overall condition and has the unused (extra) leather band and is complete with and papers and CD instructions-no box. This automatic winding watch is keeping excellent time. The 43mm. and 16mm. thick Tegiment coated (for hardness and scratch resistance-5 times harder than stainless steel) case has a a turning bezel. Crystal is sapphire. The double-lock Tegiment SINN bracelet is VERY clean. There is a GMT (second time-zone) function along with date. Interestingly, this watch has an oil-free escapement, reducing the service intervals. Also, this SINN offers one of the highest resistance to magnetic fields of ANY watch. A copper sulphate capsule inside absorbs moisture and humidity. This is a heavy, fine TRUE TOOL WATCH .