Tudor Tuxedo 1956


This is an EARLY version of the “TUDOR TUXEDO” dating to 1956 in all stainless steel with ROLEX OYSTER original case and having a replacement more modern (Rolex) winding crown. The 33mm. steel case having inwardly curved lugs gleams-without any major flaws and NOT over-polished. The dial is baffling….it looks completely original, but lacks the “SWISS” wording. With a loupe-it looks correct. The aged lacquer gold-ish outer section appears completely original as well. Here is an identical 1955 version I sold years ago. The font is identical-all. Did Rolex restore the dial…or did Rolex miss printing SWISS in this version? Or, was this re-dialed by the same company decades ago? Anyway-it looks amazing. We supplied this same style watch to Mad Men as worn by Roger Sterling. The fine automatic winding caliber 390 movement was just cleaned and accurate. The steel Dauphine hands are correct and have the usual patina from age.