Tudor Tuxedo Uncommon Dial


This is an uncommon circa TUDOR OYSTER-PRINCE 34 we coined “The Tudor Tuxedo”. These were one of the finest looking of all TUDORS produced from 1955 to about 1980. This version is quite uncommon as it was made around 1956, being the second year these watches were produced. This is a more unusually found dial configuration that we less often see in the Tudor Tuxedo style, having a 12, 3, 6, 9 raised steel “Rolex Explorer” style Arabic configuration-all original and very clean. The shimmering 33.5mm. stainless steel case with bombe style (inwardly curved) lugs is very clean and even has the original BREVET crown. The caliber 390 (by ROLEX) automatic winding movement was fully disassembled and meticulously cleaned and is keeping accurate time. These movements were considered to be on par in quality with ROLEX at the time and were the best quality automatic winding movements ROLEX ever produced in the TUDOR line. These watches are VERY hard to find. Wait until you see this on your wrist.