Tudor Monte Carlo Chronograph



This is very RARE circa ref. 7159, 1972 TUDOR MONTE CARLO chronograph by ROLEX. This iconic watch has reached “cult status” around the world and is as collectable as the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona; with much fewer to be found. Its massive case; measuring 40mm. and 12.5mm. thick in stainless steel, is in excellent original condition, never polished-and (of course) maintains all original ROLEX parts. This stainless steel bezel is the original version; not the different Rolex factory replacement that most find on these watches. The Valjoux 234 manual winding movement was overhauled and cleaned by our ROLEX approved watchmaker, with all functions operating perfectly. The cyclops crystal is original ROLEX The original dial and hands on this watch are amongst the BEST we have ever seen.