Ulysse Nardin High Beat Vintage with Pouch and C.O.S.C. Paper


This is a 36mm. ULYSSE NARDIN very rare high beat stainless steel watch with the original fine serpentine (removeable) bracelet with signed clasp. This rare Ulysse Nardin from the late 70’s has a 36000 VPH automatic winding chronometer grade movement-cleaned and accurate U.N. made only 1000 of these movements, which went into various watches. This Ulysse Nardin watch has its original and very rare C.O.S.C. ORIGINAL chronometer PAPER, which is the ONLY example I’ve ever seen with papers. This silky stainless steel original bracelet by Ulysse Nardin is also a very rare bird and I’ve not seen another. The crown, bubble-date crystal and dial are all original to the watch. This bracelet is easily adjustable to fit any size wrist. I highly recommend this watch to add to your collection.

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