Valjoux 72



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This is a large and pristine GALLET chronograph which houses a Valjoux 72, signed “LeCoultre” movement. We purchased this watch from a fastidious i collector who put this watch away for 20+years and never wore it! We are guessing the LeCoultre, signed VALJOUX 72 was installed at some time after-we really don’t know. We do know that a LeCoultre signature certainly adds value over a Gallet signed movement! The owner of this watch had his watches cleaned regularly, and this one was cleaned 5 years ago – working very well l- accurate with all functions operating perfectly. The Valjoux 72 is the “workhorse” chronograph movement – finely made and highly respected and used in the 1970’s ROLEX DAYTONA – we love them. The case is quite large, slightly over 37mm. across in gleaming, factory finish steel, with polished pushers and GALLET screw-back. The exotically coloured (original) and pristine dial is highlighted with interesting and seldom seen colouring; being baby blue and neon orange. The vibrant hands are also original. This watch looks absolutely fantastic on the wrist. I highly recommend this Gallet/Valjoux 72 LeCoultre.