1959 Rolex Zephyr


This 1959 Rolex ref. 6582 is a very rare watch. We usually call this the “Zephyr,” which has the quadrant dial with the 6582 reference as well. This is an extremely original, rare, and different dial variation, being amazingly tanned and having an inner minute chapter ring separate dial piece. You will find a similar black-dial version of the 6582 on Google, but there is only one similar example! The Dauphine-style hands are all original as well. This watch retains the correct Zephyr-style solid-gold bezel, which is quite crisp considering the age. The caliber 1030 butterfly rotor automatic movement was just serviced and is accurate. This 35mm vintage Rolex watch has not been polished and retains the original finish. I love this dial. This watch is truly undervalued at this price. Grab it.

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