Rolex Wellington WW2 Military Watch


You can have all the Rolex Submariners and Sea-Dwellers you want, but please don’t ignore the rare historical Rolex watches. The Rolex Wellington was marketed to soldiers going overseas and was the most expensive of the WW2-era watches (other than the bubbleback). This watch comes with the very rare and valuable clamshell Rolex Wellington box. Please note that not all these watches were marked Wellington on the dial and this one is completely correct. What separated the Wellington from the other small WW2 watches (Skyrocket, Lipton, Victory, etc.) is the larger case size of 30.5mm, as the others were only 29mm. This gold-filled case looks larger because of the narrow bezel and all-dial appearance. These watches were more expensive than the latter, due to their higher quality and fully signed Rolex 17-jewel movements. Some of the other WW2 Rolex watches utilized the caliber 59, which was signed Rolex under the bridge and of lesser finish and quality. The owner installed a gold-filled stretch bracelet at some time, which looks great but does not allow the box to close tightly. These watches came on plain leather normally, allowing the watch to fit in the box and close. We just had the Rolex movement serviced and it is accurate. The military 24-hour dial and hands are all original and look great. Don’t overlook this highly collectable time-capsule vintage military WW2 Rolex.

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